If we want to work efficiently and, on the other hand, we don't want to waste place for storing another machines, two disc cutting-off machine is the solution we're looking for.


This machine, after applying a suitable disc, cut steel elements, concrete, ferroconcrete, brick, tiles and plastics with ease. We can successfully use it as a wall chaser. High efficiency of cutting will be achieved by using two backward discs. They are installed on a special bearing that turn in opposite directions. Thanks to that the direction of cutting is not important as it was in case of circular saws. The machine is delivered in a chest. Inside it we will find diamond discs and discs with sintered carbide that successfully cut even reinforcement bars. As part of the set we will also get a practical machine foot that after being mounted will change the machine into classic circular saw. Thanks to parallel T-square and laser indicator of cutting line we achieve high accuracy of the cuts.

Wstecz Dalej
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