Strong hammer drill for reasonable price


Cutting in concrete or asphalt, demolishing the walls, splitting the stones, drilling large holes in a hard material – these are only some of the difficult tasks that such power tool can successfully perform.

It is obvious that working with hammer drill is not a pleasant activity. A lot of noise and dust and – what's the worst – the vibrations moved from the machine to the operator's body. Th manufacturers fight with them in every possible manner in order to extend the duration of continuous operation without interrupting the forging process. The constructors of SDS-max Tryton TMM1050X hammer drill paid attention to this aspect, too, among other things. They applied antivibration system into the power tool. Thanks to that solution the vibrations during the forging process are reduced (measured in 3 axes) to the level of about 15 m/s2.

Tryton TMM1050X hammer is powered by 1050 watt motor. The maximum rotational speed of the power tool is 480 rev./min. The motor has been placed perpendicularly to the hammer machine, which made it possible to achieve good balance of the power tool; thanks to it we can work with the tool not only vertically downwards but also in horizontal position and a stronger operator can successfully work with the tool overhead. It's worth mentioning that the mechanical blow mechanism work with the system that activates the blow only in the moment when the chisel or drill contacts the surface being processed. This solution protects the SDS-max tool holder against fast wear and tear and extends its life.

The main holder, having the shape of "D" letter, assures firm holding of the tool during work. Big switches – trigger switch and functional hand wheel – may be operated in thick gloves without problems. The main handle as well as the side ancillary holder are covered with antislip material.

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