The old figures, candlesticks, frames are becoming popular again. They are the excellent elements of highlighting the character of the interior Its extraordinary and unique atmosphere. Many such objects, that sometimes have also emotional value, are very well hidden


The passing years had left an imprint on them. But it doesn't have to be like that. Now we can bring back the splendour to the old beautiful objects by ourselves and in a simple way so that they could give pleasure while looking at them and warm up the atmosphere of the interiors.

If you appreciate originality, style and modern design at home and additionally you like making do-it-yourself, the new TRYTON mini grinding machine model TMG170G is what you are looking for. The tool is intuitive in operation, light, well-made and it is comfortable to be held in hand. By using it we will easily clean the old candlesticks, mirror frames, flat dishes used for serving cakes and fruit as well as other valuable memorabilia.

TRYTON mini grinding machine, model TMG170G is delivered with the set of the most popular accessories that are used not only for cleaning but also polishing the objects. Apart from different type of felt discs we will also find here rolls with abrasive paper, polishing stones, cutting discs and mills. - Such set of accessories makes the mini grinding machine a strong weapon that makes it possible to perform even very complicated interior decorator projects. The area of its applications is limited only by our imagination - says Jarosław Bednarczyk, Brand Manager of the TRYTON brand which offers high-class power tools.

When operating the TRYTON mini grinding machine we can work in four ways. We can work with the machine itself, holding it directly in hand. Whereas at actions that require more precision we can mount the so called ball pen holder, milling holder or use flexible connection for work in places difficult to access. In the last case we fasten the holder delivered in the set to the tabletop, we screw on a telescopic arm and hang a mini grinding machine on it. We work with the flexible connection only. Additionally, in each of the options presented we can smoothly adjust the height of revolutions. Their value is shown on LCD display.

TRYTON mini grinding machine can successfully be used also in model-making and in repair works that require precision - for example when replacing joints. The price of the device with the wide array of accessories is about PLN 180. If we intend to use the machine often and want to increase its capabilities additionally, we can buy a pack of additional accessories by PROLINE (93171). The price for the the versatile set covering, among other things, different types of felt, mills, stones and abrasive discs as well as abrasive paper is about PLN 35.

TRYTON mini grinding machine with the number TMG170 is also available on the market. It is equipped with a manual adjustment of rotational speed and the standard pack of accessories. Thanks to that the machine costs about PLN 109.

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