Information on the Guarantee

Profix, the owner of Tryton brand, guarantees that the product purchased will be efficient during the guarantee period. If at that time a manufacturing defect is ascertained in Tryton machine, it will be removed by a specialised service point free of charge.


When you make a purchase, retain a receipt and guarantee card for yourself.

Hide them in a place where you would always find it fast. Take a photo of the receipt, just in case. Read the instruction manual, too.


If the machine stops working or if you have doubts whether it works properly,

first see the instruction manual. Maybe the problem is trivial and you can solve it by yourself. However, if there are no hints in the documentation delivered with the product or you are not sure, whether the ones described refer to your case, contact PROFIX central service by phone or a-mail.


During the call or in correspondence describe the problem.

PROFIX technical consultant will help you make a proper decision. If you are sure that the problems result from the machine defect, you can deliver the machine packed in an original or replacement box together with the receipt and the guarantee card to the point of purchase.


The problem will be diagnosed

and the machine repaired as soon as possible. The repair lasts 14 days at the average. After repair the machine will be sent to the address of the person that had sent it. If it is a shop, the seller will inform you when the machine is ready to be picked up.

The guarantee card includes a detailed course of action to be taken in case irregularities are ascertained in the operation of the Tryton machine. The product should be delivered to the point of purchase or sent directly to the service point of Profix where it will be repaired free of charge and returned to the client.

In case of questions contact the service point of Profix by phone or e-mail.

Phone: 22 785 96 75 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
e-mail: (24 h)

To accelerate the commencement of guarantee procedure - please read full terms of guarantee prior to sending the product.